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this line blank for now!
Wiring is done for the ceiling lights before the doors are installed and trimmed out.
Typical floating interior partition wall.
Log delivery day, usually most homes come in on 2 or 3 semis.
Block foundation is in, center beam for floor joist is installed and we are applying the perimeter foam on the foundation walls.
Some of the fasteners, 12" lag screws, and olylog fasteners.
Dovetail splines used to connect end splices in adjoining logs.
This shows a window opening, and the way our logs fit together using a double tongue and groove with weatherstrip.
Saddle notch corner joinery is one of the different types of ways that corners are available.
Installing a filler strip into the groove of the first course, note the styrafoam sill sealer at this location.
Girder beams can be notched for the loft joist to set into as shown here, or you may decide to set the loft joist on top of the girder.
This shows the loft joist installed into the girder beam.
Logs and loft set, ridge beam and rafters are on, we are preparing to build the shed dormer wall.
This shows the steel tie plates we install to connect the loft joist to one another .
After the log walls are set and the loft framing is in place we build and set the posts that support the ridge beam for the roof system.
Some of the aspects of the dry-in process include roof system to the felt, and installation of windows and exterior doors.
Log homes are constructed in such a manner that once the loft posts and beams are in the entire structure is wide open for you to have the interior partition walls placed according to your needs, they are floating partition walls and not load bearing!
Roof dried in, roof insulation panels and sheeting in place and installation of porch rafters.
Roof is completely dried in, porches and decks are started fireplace chase is framed and ready for stone covering.
Preliminary work is done for outlets in log walls during the log stacking stage, this shows an outlet in a log wall.
Mrs. Moore thought she had a new dining room set until Greg built a model!!!!!!!!!!!
Kitchen in our model home!
Fireplace with wood burning zero clearance unit and manufactured stone.
The only thing better than a log home by G.A. MOORE CONSTRUCTION
is two of them!

Front left view of model.
Model view from the left end.
Large porch and deck areas make great space for entertaining.
Fireplace stone work blends well with the logs.
We offer both doug fir 3x12 stairs, full and half log stairs, and many types of railings. Shown here is doug fir stairs with lodgepole pine tenndoned rails and posts.
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