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Initial phases of construction include site preparation, digging and pouring footings, building the foundation and subfloor, and pouring basement and garage floors.
Most folks will build the deck and porch floors at the same time they build the subfloor.
A stem wall that is the same height as the subfloor can be built around rooms with sunken floors, like the garage pictured here.  This allows the first course of logs to be the same height throughout the home.
Once the subfloor is complete, log wall construction may be started.
The log walls should be kept plumb and square throughout assembly.
The 8x8 D-log with butt-and-pass corner joinery is shown here. We offer saddle-notch corners as well.
The log wall system includes pre-cut window, door and fireplace openings.
The next step is to install the second floor system heavy timber framing.  We use the best a No. 1 & Better grade of Douglas Fir.
The main girder beams of the second floor system may be notched to accommodate the joists, as shown here.
This home has exposed beam roof framing over one section and conventional truss framing over the other. In the foreground of this picture is the garage with conventional roof. The exposed beam roof is in the background.
The model shown herein has two types of roof systems an exposed heavy timber Roof and a conventionally framed truss roof. In this case, we use beams and 2x6 T&G around the perimeter of the truss roof area and at the overhangs to make the conventional roof portion look exactly like the heavy timber roof portion on the exterior of the home.
A closer look at the heavy timber roof section.
Another view of the conventional truss roof with the doug fir beams and T&G around the perimeter. This gives the home a consistent look.
The conventional truss roof in this home package is over the garage area.
The other part of this home has the heavy timber exposed beam roof system.
Another view of the two different roof systems made to look the same from the exterior.
We used exposed beams and 2x6 T&G around the perimeter of the conventional roof.
An interior view of the timber roof.
A view of the second floor heavy timber girders with joists notched-in.
Gable-Dormers are generally built with 2x6 framing, rigid insulation or OSB, and matching log siding. The roof of the gable dormer is the same exposed beam roof system.
The interior of the gable-dormer roof system matches the main roof.  The lines are striking.
The conventional roof is on the left, and the heavy timber roof is on the right. Insulation with the heavy timber roof goes on top of the T&G decking. Insulation with the conventional roof goes inside, between the trusses.
The gable-dormer package includes 2x6 framing, exterior sheathing and exterior siding.
Options in finished roofing are numerous.  Here, a green dimensional shingle is used.
The inside of the home features log walls and beautiful beam-work.
Sky-lights are a nice feature.
Inside view of sky-light.
Another interior view of sky-lights.
Finished roofing is on and upstairs windows are installed.
The rear view shows the walk-out basement.
The completed gable-dormer.  This customer used board-and-batten siding and a medium colored stain.
Ridge vents installed with the finished roofing allow the ventilation feature of the heavy timber roof system to function. The conventional roof is also ventilated.
After the logs have been stained, installation of the downstairs windows gets underway.
Logs have been stained and windows installed.
Collar tie attachment.
Attic trusses were used with this conventional roof to add a nice room over the garage.
Look at that beam-work.
Optional cedar decking was used.
The chimney is ready for manufactured stone.
View of the front porch.
Wrap around deck.
Upstairs framing.
The gable-dormer is insulated and ready for interior wall covering.  One may use 1x8 T&G or sheetrock.
Garage ceiling is up and garage doors have been installed.
Snow-blocking between rafters is installed.
1x8 T&G used to cover inside of studwall on gable end above log walls.
Preparing to install the second floor T&G decking.
Getting the interior trim-work underway.
Windows trimmed-out and cabinets being installed in laundry room.
Beautiful pine flooring.
Ceramic tile and Jacuzzi tub.
Loft and stair railing being installed.
Pine floors in living room.
Electrical Panel.
Towering fireplace and chimney using manufactured stone.
Another view of fireplace.
High-tech plumbing system.
Drain lines, heat and air ducts in crawl space.
Front view of completed home. test
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